There are a lot of skin products out in the market that promise to make your skin look beautiful but fail to do so. Amino Collagen is not like that. A friend of mine used it and recommended it to me and I ordered the product from their website.

This product is good if you want to use it to make your skin look healthy. Amino Collagen helps towards glowing skin, but this product takes a lot of time to work its action and so you have to use it constantly. In about five to six weeks, you can start seeing the results on your face. This product will not help you to completely get rid of acne or pimples, but it will definitely help you in reducing it. Another good thing is that you can add the product to anything. Amino Collagen comes in a powder form which you can put inside your food, tea, juice or water. I take two spoons every day, in the morning as well as evening and it has really helped me in covering my wrinkles on my forehead and making my skin feel softer. This product is strongly recommended! 

Pros: Does what it says

Cons: Less quantity, no flavors